The beautiful horses which have passed through the gates at Tennyson Stud, we have been blessed to have shared part of their lives.


Rolex enjoying a well deserved drink of champagne!


TS Welcome - Worldwide PB x Society

TS Wunderbar-Worldwide PB x Avalon

TS Wow-Worldwide PB x Falcon Crystal

TS Witze - Worldwide PB x Brown Biscuit


TS Wish- Worldwide PB x Society

TS Witchcraft-TS Wicked x TS Dubai

 TS World Shining-Worldwide PB x Avalon and Rebecca Coventry winning                 Amateur Preliminary Champion at the Winter Festival

TS Windtanzer -5.jpg

TS Ducati-Dancier x TS Wow           and Emma Goldie

TS Windtanzer-Worldwide PB x Falcon Crystal and below with TS Watchout-Worldwide PB x Avalon


TS Firestorm-Foundation x TS Wildchild and    Matthew Dowsley, owned by Cheryl Smith

TS Wunderschon-TS Wicked x TS Dubai

TS Dubai-D-Day x Avalon

TS Wanted-Worldwide PB x Avalon

TS World is not Enough (renamed LP Bentayga)Worldwide PB x Brown Biscuit  and Sam Langley

TS Walzer-Worldwide PB x Society

TS Wildfox- Worldwide PB x          Simply Irresistible

TS Wildchild-Worldwide PB x Falcon Grace                and Jasmine Abernethy


TS Worldclass-Worldwide PB x Falcon Crystal

TS Waterford-Worldwide PB x Falcon Crystal                            and Meeri Lee

TS Wednesday-Worldwide PB x Society RIP

TS WinchesterWorldwide PB x Brown Biscuit                         and Andrea Hails

TS Fluency-Furstenball x TS Whitsunday

TS Danielli-Dancier x TS Welcome              and Mel Stewart

TS World Magic-Worldwide PB x Society        and Amanda Madigan winning the           5 year old Young Event Horse

Worldwide PB


Brown Biscuit - Dam of TS Witze, TS World is not Enough, TS Winchester


Falcon Crystal - Dam of TS Wow, TS Wicked, TS Windtanzer, TS Worldclass, TS Waterford.

TS Soulmate-Hollands Bend Sinatra              x TS Wonder Woman


Society - Dam of TS Welcome, TS World Magic, TS Walzer, TS Wish, TS Wednesday

Avalon - Dam of TS Dubai, TS Watchout, TS Wunderbar, TS World Shining, TS Wanted, TS Wonder Woman