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Tennyson Stud is a boutique stud in the Sydney hinterlands producing world quality elite performance horses. Our purpose is to create modern sport-horses which are renowned for their rideability and fluidity of movement. It is of utmost importance that we match the perfect horse to the correct rider, so rest asured we will make this our priority.  Each horse bred here at Tennyson Stud has a purpose and we endeavour to make sure they reach their full potential. Therefore after sales service is equally important and we love to share your journey.

Owner, rider, trainer and breeder Claire Wickins has had decades in this business. The horses happiness and well being is paramount. Claire is available for lessons, training, clinics and can also breed your next superstar. Horses maybe purchased fully trained or as youngsters, foals, in - utero or even plan your own match! Agistment of the highest standard is available at Tennyson Stud and lessons and training can be included in a package. 



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Owner and manager

Claire began riding at the Hong Kong Jockey Club at the age of 3. She has always been passionate about animals and finds them easier to communicate with than people!

She has trained in Germany and England with world class trainers including GeorgeTheodorescu, Christian Plage and Ferdi Eilberg. She believes that a rider never stops learning and can benefit from horsemen across all disciplines. 

Claire teaches, trains, competes and breeds at Tennyson Stud.

She instructs riders from beginners through to FEI level and takes horses for training from newly broken-in through to Grand Prix and has produced a string of top performing horses.

She believes it is important to identify each horses' personality and compliment their strengths and find exercises to improve their weaknesses. One of the best redeeming qualities she admires in her horses is a good work ethic with great rideability and trainability. She has been blessed to have instilled this from the beginning of her breeding program with her foundation stallion - Paralympic Gold Medallist - Worldwide PB. 

Claire believes that happiness and the well being of the horse is paramount. She spends time cross-training her horses to give them a broader education which keeps them motivated in their work. 

Claire has the ability to ride both with precision and accuracy in the competition arena and treats a difficult horse with feeling and sensitivity.

She aims to highlight the difference between a captivating dynamic performance and a mechanically correct test.

"My aim is that through patience and understanding a powerful partnership can be formed which leaves a spirited impact" she said. Elegance, lightness and ease, suppleness and fluidity are qualities she aims to bring out in both her riding and those she helps.

Some of her many achievements include:

  • Outstanding winning score 72.8% at Sydney CDI (2000)

  • Guest Rider of 2011 NZL Young Horse Dressage Finals

  • Dressage New South Wales Rider of the Year

  • New South Wales Grand Prix KUR Champion

  • FEI Horse of the Year

  • Australian National and CDI multi winner

  • Horse of the Year

  • Champion Lady Rider at Sydney Royal and

  • Crane Trophy



Head Groom



Resident mouser


Polo is our beautiful lilac burmese with a HUGE personality. She is the true owner and manager of Tennyson Stud and all will obey her. She has 100% control over the dogs - Monte Carlo. She also is a fabulous foal alarm and is often seen photo bombing in foal season!





Monte is a pure bubble of delight and is 1st in line for kisses. He finds all the comfy spots to sun bake and loves driving his brother, Carlo mad.



Mr Empathy


Carlo is a silver fox, he is the quiet achiever who always has a moment to bring a smile back on your face. He loves chasing kangaroos and has a sweet tooth.

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